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Affordable cloud storage for backup, archiving, DR, remote access or a second copy of your data with unlimited capacity and continuous uptime is here sign up now.


Data Backup

Do you need to retain a backup of your data offsite? Now supporting VEEAM backups from Ransomware attacks.

Data Archive

We provide the software tools to identify your archive data to allow a seamless migration to cloud storage.

Versioning Supported

Do you need to review previously written documents that could have been overwritten or deleted, no problem, just role back to a previous version.

Customer Service & Operations

We aim to delivery a simple, affordable and fast service to cloud storage within 2 hours of signing up.

Pricing Plans

Competitively Priced Storage for all data types.

No Ingress or Egress charges.

Monthly, Billed Annually


 Cost per TB per month minimum 10TB
 Full Management Console
 GDPR Compliant Storage
 2-Year minimum term
Monthly, Billed Annually


 Cost per TB per month minimum 10TB
Full Management Console
Government, Blue Light, Councils, Military
 3-Year minimum term
Saved to Cloud Storage
Saved to Cloud helps protect your data from Ransomware Attacks by using Immutable Cloud Storage

Welcome to our Saved to Cloud Storage site providing storage for business. There are cost savings against Amazon S3 or Microsoft Azure at 5x the speed with NO INGRESS or EGRESS charges! Storage is provided within minutes of you signing up from Terabytes to Petabytes for a cloud service that provide 11x9’s data availability.

We provide highly flexible storage to store many different types of data. We provide all the cloud management tools for you to manage your own cloud buckets, user access writes, permissions, integration, versioning, and immutable storage (object-lock).

Using object storage that is 100% Amazon S3 compliant providing an easy route to moving data from alternative cloud storage providers with none of the hidden fees or charges.

If you have a data storage solution that supports Amazon S3 API’s then we can connect!  There are no cloud tiers i.e. fast, slow, cold, just a single fast tier!

Our pricing model is simple with no fees for ingress/ingress or API requests. It is there when you want scalable and flexible high performing storage for storing business critical data. This is Enterprise Cloud Storage that offers real savings against the public cloud storage providers.

There are no 90-day termination charges, all you pay for is the final month once you have given notice.

Put your business in control of your cloud storage strategy. Why should you be locked into a cloud provider who every month sends a bill for far more than you estimated? You have a choice just like when you go to the supermarket. Remember it is your data and you are in control. Once we provide cloud storage to you it is yours for as long as you pay the bill. Create as many users, policies, groups and buckets as you like, but please don’t lose the keys otherwise it’s gone.

We fully support versioning and immutability.  Object Lock is a data protection feature wherein a user can designate certain files or “objects” to be immutable, meaning they cannot be altered or deleted by anyone. Via the policies of data management applications, users set an allotted time for an object to be immutable, after which it can be altered or deleted. This protects critical data against ransomware attacks, a key factor in the world today.

Object Lock can help organisations with certain government and industry regulations like HIPAA, FINRA, and CJIS for securing and preserving electronic records, transaction data, and activity logs.

Termination Charges
There are no 90-day termination charges, all you pay for is the final month once you have given notice.
Our average cloud performance is 2-3x faster than Amazon S3. E.g. 1MB Write Performance with 10 threads is 3x faster.
Data Protection
Data Centre Redundancy with 11x9's data durability. We also fully support Immutable Storage.

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