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What can you do with Cloud Storage?

Data has become a global currency, and its value is rapidly increasing. It has been reported that the world’s most valuable resource is no longer oil, but data. Therefore, data protection must be paramount in everyone’s data storage strategy.

Any business needs to know that its data is safe, secure and above all accessible always. Whether you require a second offsite copy, a backup to cloud strategy for DR or corporate governance purposes, an active data archive, a cloud NAS for storing documents or CCTV footage or long-term secure Cloud Storage, we have a solution for you.

We offer 11x9’s availability, all data resides on object storage and is fast, secure and affordable

Second Copy

If you have a requirement to maintain a second copy offsite for insurance, regulatory or peace of mind then our cloud solution is for you. Always maintain complete control of your data, you can even turn on versioning or make the data immutable, it’s your data and your choice how you manage it.

Data Backup

Do you need to retain a backup of your data offsite? Managing backups across physical servers, virtual server hosts, VMs’, desktops, laptops and the public cloud is a huge, time-consuming job that has to be monitored and tested regularly to ensure all data can be recovered in a timely manner. Using tape libraries, storage arrays or DR sites poses a scalability challenge that has organisations looking to cloud storage for a simpler, faster way to back up their growing digital assets.

When you back up to cloud storage, you have an easy method of making sure all your critical information is replicated—and that it’s secure and immediately available to you if and when you need it.

We now support immutable buckets and folders to protect VEEAM, Commvault or Rubrik backups from Ransomware attacks.

Backing up Office 365

Increasingly more businesses are moving localised data to the cloud. Microsoft Office 365 is a suite of software applications that are designed to run in the cloud. Some of the Office 365 applications are Exchange Online, One Drive & SharePoint Online. We provide a full backup and recovery functionality for your Microsoft Office 365 data. Protect Exchange Online mailboxes (including contacts and calendar items), OneDrive for Business files and SharePoint Online sites with incremental backups to on-site storage. With your backups on-premises and offline, you ensure that your critical data is accessible and recoverable when you need it. Whenever data gets lost, near-instantly recover emails, files, folders, contacts, calendar items, document libraries or lists back to their original location or to another authorised account. Granular recovery coupled with the search capabilities ensures that you are always prepared to meet compliance requirements and respond to e-discovery requests.

5G & IoT

There are an increasing number of smart IoT devices, this data normally resides on the local storage. When required the IoT device uploads the required information to the on-premise data centre for further analysis. Alternatively, this information could be uploaded to a data lake and processed

These are some of the examples we offer for using cloud storage, for more please select them from the drop-down menu