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Simple Cloud Pricing

We try and keep things simple when it comes to cloud pricing, by providing pricing based on 10TB increments. Payment is annually 30-days in advance of the contractual term depending on whether you are a business or any of the following:

  • Education
  • NHS
  • Government
  • Blue Light
  • Military

Cloud storage for Business

Minimum term of 2-years. The pricing is per 12 months. Once a year, 3 months before the 12 months is up, we will request a new purchase order to cover the following 12 months.

Cloud storage for Education/NHS/Government/Blue Light/Military

Minimum term of 3-years. The pricing is per 12 months. Once a year, 3 months before the 12 months is up, we will request a new purchase order to cover the following 12 months.

In both instances we will notify you 3-months before your Minimum Term ends asking if you would like to continue to use the service and would ask that the organisation provides a purchase order to cover the following 12-month term.

Additional Storage During Contracted Term

If you require additional storage anytime during your contracted term an amended purchase order is required. In turn, an additional invoice will be raised to reflect the increased capacity for the remaining term of the contract. There are no limits to increasing capacity


We will raise a single invoice to cover the next years cloud storage usage.

Cloud Storage Termination Charges

If you wish to terminate the cloud storage, we request that you provide this via an email stating that you wish to terminate your contract on “X” date. Please note a minimum of 30-days’ notice is required.


Should you terminate your contract early a refund will be given based on the following:

  • You are not 60-days from the end of contract.
  • There are no outstanding amounts due.

Data Retention

Once a contract is terminated your data will be reclaimed by us within 48-hours after your termination date has passed. Please ensure all data is removed from the cloud storage before the termination date as we cannot be held responsible for your data which is your responsibility.

Price Changes

We will honour the pricing quoted for the length of the initial term. Pricing may change and we will notify you of the increase or decrease when your time to renew is due.

If you would like to know how storing data in the cloud can help alleviate or solve some of your issues please call us on 01256 331614 or email

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Monthly, Billed Annually


 Cost per TB per month minimum 10TB
 Full Management Console
 GDPR Compliant Storage
 2-Year minimum term
Monthly, Billed Annually


 Cost per TB per month minimum 10TB
Full Management Console
Government, Blue Light, Councils, Military
 3-Year minimum term

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