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Content Delivery Network

Content Delivery Network

Storing Content Delivery Network Data to the Cloud

Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) - Users demand robust performance from web apps and videos, where content delivery networks (CDNs) are increasingly required to delivery it.

This means companies need a sound strategy for reliably, rapidly delivering content where it needs to go.  However, delivering the content is only half the solution, organisations also need a place to store the source files.  There are a number of reasons for driving the need for better performing Content Delivery Networks, including the increasing use of 4K video content as well as media services such as Netflix.  Combined with the fat that websites are becoming more complex, with heavy use of graphics intensive features such as animation and video.  Businesses are also adopting video for internal purposes including online meetings and training.  Users expect to be bale to consume all this content from any device no matter where they are.

Content Delivery Networks help improve performance by caching content in various edge data centres, closer to the end users who need to access it.  That reduces latency, effectively speeding up the performance of websites, video streams and the like.  Some CDN providers also offer optimisation services to speed up delivery of large images and other files.

Some high users of CDNs may be Institutions of higher education due to increased learning and streaming of video and images to thousands of students across the globe.  With a CDN educational establishments get high availability and redundancy for their content, since its cached in multiple places around the world.  Many companies offer e-learning programs for their internal users and customers. Again, such services rely on video to deliver content where ever and when ever it is required.  Potentially this means being able to access globally.  CDNs can save businesses huge costs by avoid the necessity of sending trainers physically all over the world.

For Public Sector, Government agencies often have to reach audiences around the globe from their websites, which may have critical information for those looking to visit, move to or do business with another country.  In periods of emergency, such as a natural disaster, certain web sites may experience a sudden flood of traffic from citizens and businesses that require help and assistance.  In these cases, a CDN can ensure a quality experience for all visitor, wherever their location.

Internet broadcasting of special events are looking to broadcast live video over the web to audiences around the globe.  This is very demanding because the broadcast must be able to scale to meet whatever the demand with high definition (HD) quality that’s equal to that of TV.  Such broadcasts demand the use of CDN to ensure HD deliver to sites globally.  This requires not only caching but buffering to ensure uninterrupted delivery.

Many businesses have their websites changing frequently.  Retailers may post an array of new offers, for example, videos demonstrating their promotions.  Media companies constantly publish new stories and videos.  They need a way to distribute this bandwidth intensive content to end users efficiently and reliably.

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