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Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement

Storing Criminal Evidence Data in the Cloud

Don’t let the high cost of data storage hamper your investigation. Leveraging the cloud for storing digital evidence

Public safety and law enforcement agencies are experiencing exponential growth in the amount of digital information and evidence that requires tamper-proof storage with a verifiable chain of custody. The expanding use of digital forensics, dashboard and body-worn cameras (bodycams) are adding significantly to the storage burden.  According to an article in Security Magazine and recent estimates from International Homeland Security (IHS), just one day of video surveillance produces more than 400 petabytes (PB) of data. Building secure and scalable storage systems capable of managing petabytes (PB) of data require considerable IT resources and staff with the expertise for dealing with ever-evolving security threats and countermeasures. This is difficult if not impossible for small to medium-sized law enforcement agencies. With this rising tsunami of data, even large metropolitan and state police departments are turning to the proven cost-savings of the cloud.

Multi-Tier Cloud Storage 1.0 Solutions Are Not the Answer

Unfortunately, the current generation of cloud storage providers cannot adequately address the problem. At large volumes or with heavy access needs, active storage services such as AWS S3 are expensive. That’s why it’s common practice to archive video in cheaper, slower cold storage services like Amazon Glacier. Unfortunately, taking hours if not days to access video vital to an investigation is not an option. And the fees associated with retrieving data from these lower-priced storage tiers have the potential of costing you even more money in the long run.

Rapid Retrieval of All your Data at the Same Low Transparent Price

Our cloud storage service is faster than the competition, making the evidence you need not only seconds away, but also significantly less expensive (try 80%) to store compared to AWS S3 (and there are no additional fees to access your data). Our cloud storage solution is fully Criminal Justice Information Systems (CJIS) compliant. And with our optional immutable bucket feature, digital evidence cannot be changed or tampered with in any way, guaranteeing chain of custody.

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