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Media & Entertainment

Saving Digital Data to the Cloud

Transform Production Work-in-Progress and Media Archiving with an Open, High Performance, Cloud Ecosystem

Designed to integrate with media processing technologies across multiple clouds, at a price/performance ratio vastly superior to traditional cloud providers like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform.

Pioneering Media and Entertainment companies who were early adopters of Cloud 1.0 technologies provided by Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure have found that the cost difference between their on-premises vs. cloud storage provided really no savings at all, particularly at the volumes of data that media companies deal with, particularly given the nature of the production work, requiring both ingress (free) and egress (per gigabyte charges combined with API requests).

Even archiving projects using Cloud Storage 1.0 like S3 or Glacier have been punishingly expensive and slow, leaving most companies to continue to use LTO and offsite physical backups as their standard process.

If you were waiting for the cloud to catch up with your media production and archive needs, the time has finally arrived! Transform your production work-in-progress and media archiving with an open, high performance, cloud ecosystem designed to take advantage of the large media flows of sound and video data without the costly expense of other cloud storage providers. Few industries pose as many storage challenges as media and entertainment (M&E). Today, there is more video content being produced than ever, and production projects run around the clock to push television series and blockbuster movies to audiences as quickly as possible. Meanwhile, video quality just keeps getting better with higher resolutions, higher frame rates and high dynamic range (HDR) processing —which means video file sizes have grown exponentially.

The storage ramifications are significant. Several petabytes of storage may be required for a complete stereoscopic digital movie project at 4K resolution. And production work at 8K is now under way. By the next decade, total video captured for a single high-end digital production could be hundreds of petabytes, according to analyst firm Coughlin Associates.

In fact, Coughlin forecasts that cloud storage for the M&E industry alone will grow about 13.3x between 2017 and 2023 (from 5.1 to 68.2 exabytes), and overall object storage capacity for media and entertainment will grow about 4.9x between 2017 and 2023, from 10.4 to 51.6 exabytes.

That’s a boatload of data. You need to store all that raw footage, rough cuts and finished product in an a highly secure and reliable environment without breaking the bank. And in today’s fast-paced digital world, you need to be able to access all your assets as fast as possible to meet deadlines and stay within schedules and budgets. That’s because the speed production teams can store, retrieve, and collaborate on projects will play a big role in determining their success.

How Next Level Cloud Changes the Game For Media Companies

We provide the cloud capacity to store all your content files, from raw footage to finished product, ready for distribution to archived libraries for future reference. And you store it all at one low price. How low is “low?” Compared to AWS S3, our cloud storage is significantly cheaper. We have no confusing storage tiers typical of other cloud services. Instead, we provide a single tier of high-performance storage priced at a flat rate. We also have no charges for egress or API requests like the other cloud services, which penalise you for using your own content. Add it all up, and our cloud storage service that meets all your needs for production work-in-progress, backups and archiving.

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