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Use Cloud Storage to complement your LTO Tape Infrastructure

Moving data from tape to cloud for backup, archiving or want to migrate a legacy tape vault in the cloud is achievable with the right software and know how.  Linear Tape-Open (LTO) based storage has long been the economic favourite for data backup and archiving.  Much of the world’s back-up data resides in portable, remotely stored tape drives, readily accessible in case disaster strikes.

As data volumes increase, and retrieval requirements need to be more dynamic, you may need to add another layer of data protection to your back-up and archiving strategy.

"By 2025 the world will be producing every day over 1.2 million terabytes of data (TB)"

Why not migrate from tape to Cloud Storage?

Migrating a legacy tape archive from an offsite storage vault should be an essential part of cloud planning. For many some organisations this tape data could contain essential and important data that might represent information in the Oil & Gas sector or could be RAW film footage from the media and entertainment industry, these are just a couple of examples of moving data from tape to cloud storage. It could save a business money by removing the necessity to maintain an offsite tape vault or reduce the risk of the data being unrecoverable when it's needed.

Data access is slow and the hardware may develop mechanical failure, which may impact on data retrieval timings.  This is where tape to cloud advantages become clear.  First, Cloud costs per gigabyte are cost-competitive with LTO, especially when considerations like space and power are taken into account.  Unlike tape, Cloud is hot storage, which means it’s readily accessible whenever needed.  Why would you store your tape in a salt mine, making it difficult and slow to retrieve, when you could store it online in the Cloud?

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