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We offer CCTV Cloud Storage to provide a cost-effective way to limitless amounts of CCTV footage. The solution even provides the ability to use immutability, enabling the business to store CCTV footage for 30, 60, 90 days or more before it is deleted.

Video cameras are everywhere! Advances in IP video surveillance for both hardware and software coupled with increasing concerns for public safety has fuelled a huge rise in fixed and mobile video surveillance adoption in law enforcement, cities, retail locations, large venues, airports, transport hubs and workplaces around the world, because of this CCTV cloud storage is a simple and cost effective way of storing data in the cloud.

It is estimated that the average person is captured on surveillance more than 75 times per day. This means a single day of video surveillance collects petabytes (PB) of data worldwide and that number is constantly increasing. The sheer volume and size of high-resolution video being recorded has many organisations struggling to adapt to their growing storage requirements.

Ten 4K CCTV cameras recording 12 hours a day for 30 days using H.264 with medium resolution creates 15.94TB of data!

CCTV Cloud Storage Regulatory Compliance

An adherence to major industry compliance standards gives you the peace of mind to store your video in a secure and compliant manner. This is where CCTV cloud storage is offsite, cannot be deleted, is secured and available 24x7x365.

Meanwhile, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine-learning (ML) technologies like facial recognition are delivering new insights and greater value to organizations that collect and store video data everything from helping law enforcement to solve crimes faster to enabling shopping centres with the ability to analyse customer traffic patterns.

Many businesses are left struggling with this growth and the size of high-resolution video recordings. Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technologies like facial recognition are delivering new insights and great value to organisations that collect and store video data.

Analysis of video data provides the potential to unlock unprecedented value for users of digital video surveillance solutions. The expanding use of digital forensics, dashboard and body-worn cameras (bodycams) provide increasing huge amounts of data. The continued growth is partially due to the increasing IP based video surveillance systems. The files are larger due to increased resolution of images. Each time you double the number of pixels along the x and y axes, you quadruple the number of pixels in the image and the amount of space required to store it.

A recent report estimates the total market for video surveillance will grow from nearly $37 billion in 2018 to more than $68 billion by 2023. Most of this growth is due to the continuing migration from analog to IP-based video surveillance systems. Advantages of IP video include lower costs, higher resolution images, greater scalability, ease of installation, integration with existing IP networks, and remote access. Continuing decreases in the cost of IP cameras has fuelled increased adoption of these systems worldwide, creating a significant demand for better, more cost-effective storage solutions and this is where a CCTV cloud storage solution is ideal.

Stricter Regulations mean Video Must be Stored for Longer Periods

Tighter airport security and widespread cases of critical footage turning up missing or edited due to poor storage handling have regulatory bodies calling for surveillance videos to be retained for longer periods of time—in some cases, indefinitely.

Airport guidelines require that “events” (defined as thefts, reported injuries, or conflicts) captured on video be stored for seven or more years. A typical airport captures between 20 and 40 events a day. If each event is ten minutes long and captured on ten cameras, that turns out to be 360-720 GB per day that has to be stored for a minimum of seven years!

Single Vendor Solutions

A leading bodycam vendor charges a flat £57 per month per bodycam, which includes the necessary software and cloud storage. If you have 100 officers, that’s £68,400 per year, or £342,000 over the life of a typical 5-year commitment.

The cameras they sell retail for approximately £570, and they provide a new camera every three years. That means £950 per officer—in other words, £95,000 of the £342,000 contract goes toward camera costs. The remaining £247,000 is for storage and other cloud server costs.

As you can see, storage is by far the largest expense. While you benefit from a one-stop shop with everything coming from one vendor, you are also locking yourself into whatever storage solution the vendor uses. Whereas our CCTV cloud storage cost by comparison for 100TB per year for 5-years would be £42,000, that is quite a financial saving.

Bodycam programs can generate thousands of hours of video every day. All that footage must be safely preserved for trial and securely archived for years (or permanently for homicide cases). We provide eleven nines (99.999999999%) of object durability, protecting videos against disk failures and media errors. Our data immutability protects against administrative mishaps, malware and ransomware.

CCTV Storage requirements are growing

As you will have read the requirement to store ever increasing amounts of CCTV footage is a huge headache for the CCTV managers. Traditionally this footage was stored on NAS, this idea worked but the main issue was the power consumption, cooling, and environmental conditions. CCTV cloud storage removes these issues, although some local storage may still be required it provides a convenient and simple way to store vast amounts of data infinitely. With Cloud CCTV storage you can grow within minutes and set retention periods of the record footage

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