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Healthcare & Life Sciences

Healthcare & Life Sciences

Storing Critical Patient Data

Hospitals and healthcare systems benefit from unprecedented innovation in information technology, helping improve everything from facility operations to patient care. But with these advancements come massive amounts of data, clinical research, digital imaging, and other patient data, that are taxing IT’s ability to cost-effectively manage and store in way that is secure, compliant, and always accessible.

HIPAA-compliant Cloud Storage

Traditional on-premises storage solutions and first-generation cloud storage services like AWS S3, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform are simply too costly and complex for storing massive datasets. Wasabi is next-generation, secure, and fully HITECH and HIPAA-compliant cloud storage.

Don’t throw away data to cut down your storage spending or deal with complicated storage tiers. You can afford to keep it all, at one lightning-fast tier of storage regardless of your specific use case, whether its on a patient or researching the next medical breakthrough.

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